Refund&Return policy

Return / exchange without quality issues
For products purchased on this website, you can apply for a return / exchange within fourteen (14) days from the date of the product document (based on the date on the logistics document). Please note that each order can only be returned / replaced once. Except for product quality issues, all products are allowed to be returned / replaced only once under the same document, and can only be replaced with products of the same color. Please note that we only accept returned / replaced products that meet the "return / replacement conditions" and are not part of the following "not applicable return / replacement conditions". This return / exchange rule applies to discounted products and promotional products.
Please note that we only accept returned / replaced products that meet the "return / replacement conditions" and are not part of the following "not applicable return / replacement conditions".
a. Off-line, loose mouth (common in clothing), color difference caused by different monitors (different monitors, the phenomenon of color difference is inevitable), the thickness of the product, running thread, feel and other details, can not be Identify as a quality issue.
b. Return / replacement due to style, color and subjective preference is not the return / replacement of products with quality problems.
c. Damage caused by improper use or cleaning, or damage caused by your own modifications or other human factors is not a quality problem.
d. If the product is clearly marked as defective at the time of purchase (ie Class B goods or products with obvious appearance defects), such defects will not be regarded as quality problems, and no return / exchange will be accepted.
e. When choosing the size, please refer to the size table and choose the size that suits you. The customer service team can only provide suggestions and cannot be used as the basis for your final purchase decision. If you return / replace due to size issues, this is not a return / replacement for product quality issues.
f. The size of the product should be based on the actual product.
Return / Exchange Conditions
a. Products are returned / replaced during the return / exchange period;
b. The product is in its original state (for example, the product remains intact, unused, unwashed or unmodified, and there are no stains or cosmetics on the product), and the resale conditions of the product are not affected;
c. The outer packaging of the product is intact (including plastic bags or packaging boxes, please do not paste any tape or label directly on our shoe box, please put the shoe box in another box or packaging bag), product accessories, instruction manual, hang tag , Labels, etc. should be retained;
d. If the product / package contains additional gifts (shopping gifts), please return the gifts together. Gifts need to be kept in the state they were received. If the gift cannot be returned, we have the right to ask you to pay the price of the gift according to the price of the gift we marked.
The return / exchange conditions are not applicable:
a. Products not sold through the website, that is, checkshoes online store;
b. For certain discounts or promotional items that specifically specify non-refundable / replaceable products;
c. Customized products without quality problems;
d. After the product has been used, cleaned, processed (for example: modifying the size), dirty or damaged, the logo is cut, and other products that are not under resale conditions;
e. Lost the electronic invoice or order number issued at the time of purchase
f. Orders beyond the return / exchange period;
g. Clearly mark the defective product at the time of purchase, and then return / replace the product due to the defect of the product; and other cases where the consumer has no right to return / replace the product according to this policy and applicable laws.
Please note that you can only return / replace products purchased on this website online. You cannot return / return the products you bought on the website at checkshoes store, and vice versa.
Return / Exchange Process
Please refer to the Help Center or contact our customer service department for specific return / replacement procedures, which form part of these Terms.
When returning / replacing the product, please indicate the reason for the return / replacement in the delivery note for prompt processing. If the invoice is lost, please prepare a blank sheet and fill in your name, order number, product number, quantity and reason. You also need to indicate the product number, color, size, and other information related to the returned / replaced product.
The new product exchanged will be sent to the shipping address of your original order. If you need to change the shipping address, please contact the customer service department when submitting the exchange application.
If you apply for a replacement, you cannot apply for a return before the replacement is completed; if some of the products in your order have been requested for replacement, the rest of the products in the order cannot be replaced before the replacement is completed.
Return / Exchange and Mailing Instructions
Please note that we accept all express returns / exchanges. If there is no quality problem of return / exchange, the postage will be borne by you. We recommend that you ensure that your package is returned to us safely, and ask you to declare the total value of the product to the courier company so that you can be fully protected if it is lost or damaged in transit. If you choose not to ensure or declare the total value of the returned / replaced product, you will be responsible for any loss or damage to the product during transportation. We are not responsible for any risk of product damage or loss during return / exchange.
Refund time
For returned products, once we confirm that they meet the return conditions and requirements, we will refund the actual purchase amount within 14-30 working days after receiving the returned products, but:
a. If the product you return is purchased together with other products to enjoy our promotion or discount, we have the right to deduct part of the refund amount;
b. If the product you return is purchased together with other products to enjoy free shipping, we have the right to deduct the shipping from your refund amount.
The time to receive the refund depends on the different refund methods. The time it takes for the actual refund to reach your account depends on the operation of different banks or payment platforms. If the return does not meet the return conditions or requirements, we will contact you and return the product to you at your expense.